CALAS dedicated to advancing human and animal health by promoting the ethical care, use and the research of laboratory animals in China. The major tasks of CALAS is to promote the advancement of laboratory animal science by means of scientific exchanges; to promote the growth of laboratory animal scientific members; to service for the development of laboratory animal science theory, technician, and industry. CALAS devoted to popularize the respective of work-out, knowledge, and creative fashion.

According to its aim, CALAS strives:

1. Carry out various kinds of academic exchanges. 
2. Edit and publish scientific journals, books and other publications.
3. Progress in non-official international academic exchanges; promote the international co-operation of science and technology; branch out into close relationship with organizations and scientific and technological workers abroad.
4. Carry out On-the-job training, professional education, knowledge and skills training for CALAS members and other laboratory animal scientific workers.
5. Praises or rewards the scientific and technological achievements, treatises, popular science works, professional who makes prominent contribution or achievements and staffs worked for CALAS, assess the vocational qualification, take on evaluation of research results and technology.
6. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of laboratory animal scientific workers.
7. Popularize knowledge and methods of laboratory animal science.
8. Provide technical advice and service. Hold exhibitions on science and technology and take on the evaluation to the technological projects of laboratory animal work.
9. Promote the transferring scientific and technological achievements into productivity; progress in the cooperation of industry, academe and research institutes.

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