First China-Germany Symposium on Personalized Medicine held at CAMS

发布时间:2017-08-12 14:51:00
From October 10 to 11, the First China-Germany Symposium on Personalized Medicine was held successfully in Xi’an. It was co-hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), and German Academy of Sciences (GAS), and undertaken by CAMS. A total of 25 representatives including 10 German academicians and 12 Chinese academicians attended the symposium. CAMS’s President Xuetao Cao and GAS’s Academicians Mueller-Hermelink as co-chairmen jointly presided over the opening ceremony. Academician Daiming Fan, CAE’s Vice President, addressed the ceremony on behalf of the Chinese side, and Academician Baerbel Friedrich, GAS's Vice President, made a speech on behalf of the German side and systematically introduced the history and status quo of GAS.


Academicians and professors of both sides conducted extensive exchanges in the application content of personalized medicine such as the concept of personalized medicine, big biological data, genomics, pharmacogenomics, metabonomics, tumor immunology, phenogenetics, etc. Participants expounded on personalized medicine plans for some common diseases, and held insightful discussions on the research tools and approaches of personalized medicine, with a warm atmosphere of questioning and responses. Both sides agreed that the consensus reached through this meeting would promote their cooperation and exchanges, and in particular, start substantial cooperation in some fields of personalized medicine. 




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