"National Science and Technology Workers Day" series of activities

发布时间:2017-07-28 14:51:00
To further encourage the broad masses of scientific and technological workers to keep in mind the responsibility of the mission, innovation and serve the country, to strengthen the linkages and services of science and technology workers, pay more attention to scientific and technological work and personnel construction; further in the whole society to create science and technology workers, respect for science and technology workers, respect for knowledge , Respect for the good social atmosphere of talent, approved by the State Council, the annual May 30 as the "National Science and Technology Workers Day."
To meet the first "National Science and Technology Workers Day", China Experimental Animal Society launched a series of activities:
1, to carry out the national innovation first medal, awards and medals selection recommended work;
2, to carry out the "science and technology power, innovation dream" as the theme of science and technology week home science activities;
3, in the Institute website and the public number to promote the outstanding scientific and technological workers reported the advanced deeds;
4, condolences to visit the older generation of scientists;
5, visit, sympathy experimental animal research, production of the first line of science and technology workers.
May 25, 2017 Institute of Zhao Hongxu Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General Zhu De-sheng, Deputy Secretary-General Song Jing, Zhang Cong, deputy secretary-general to the China Experimental Animal Society Media Experimental Animal Committee affiliated units - China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Prevention and control, experimental animal technology enterprises - Beijing Huafu Kang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and other units, work in the first line of science and technology workers who have condolences, and science and technology workers held a forum. Thanks for the work of experimental animal science and technology workers who work in the first line of scientific research and production to contribute to the development of experimental animal science in China and to the construction of China Experimental Animal Society. The participants on how to improve the level of scientific research in experimental animals in China, how to carry out the work of learning, how to improve the scientific and technological workers to provide better service and put forward constructive comments. But also widely listened to the needs of scientific and technological personnel. After the symposium, the China Experimental Animal Society presented information on experimental animal science books and training materials to the participants.

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