Control, prevention, and treatment of infectious diseases

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Report on the first case of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) in China by Professor Aixia Wang in 1985 marked the prelude to diagnosis, treatment and study of HIV/AIDS in China. Since then, fundamental research and clinical practice have been integrated, generating series of innovative achievements.


Clinical practice:

a. Established and optimized feasible antiretroviral therapy (ART) regimens with strong efficacy, low price, and minimal side effects, which markedly decreased the mortality of HIV/AIDS in China. We took initiatives in selecting and developing ART regimens mainly composed of domestic medications in 2006. Optimized long-term ART regimens were further established with strong efficacy and minimal safety issues, leading to an overall increased viral suppression rate and a generally declined AIDS-related mortality.

b.Initiated a comprehensive mode of HIV/AIDS management, which contributed to decreasing key organ-specific complications.

c. Presided over compiling of the first version of Chinese Guideline for

Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in 2005, leading to the national standardization of HIV/AIDS care and effective control of newly onset epidemics.    


 Basic science:

a. Internationally the first to demonstrate the quantitative and functional recovery of CD4+ T cells in HIV patients, theorized the concept of immune reconstitution, which opens a door of opportunity for HIV-infected patients. We also found that the main reason for immune reconstitution failure lies on the thymic exhaustion, indicating a novel target for future treatment.

 b. Detected HIV RNA in long-term treated viral controlled patients, which provided new clues for reservoir eradication.

 c. Identified that the median time of sexually infected HIV patients progressing to AIDS phase was 4.8 years, far more rapid than the previously recognized 8 years, further rationalizing early ART in Chinese HIV patients.   


The present program has been taking the lead in HIV/AIDS field in China for the recent decade. We organized numerous national conferences and training projects, trained thousands of professionals, and improved national HIV/AIDS treatment, providing technical support and personnel assistance for the realization of national HIV/AIDS-related mortality decline from 22.6 per hundred people year in 2003 to 3.1 in 2012 (86% decrease). Meanwhile, we also published 199 articles in series of first-class journals includingScience﹑The Lancet andClinical Infectious Diseases, with total impact factor equaling 256 and SCI citations over 3000 times. The present program has been awarded with series of honors including the first prizes in Ministry of Education Award for Science and Technology Progress and Chinese Medical Science and Technology Progress Award.

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