China Science Association issued "scientific and technological workers"

发布时间:2017-09-16 09:46:00
National Association of Science and Technology, Xinjiang Association of Science and Technology, Association of Science and Technology Association, the Association for Science and Technology,
In recent years, China's scientific and technological development has made remarkable achievements, the overall capacity of science and technology continued to improve. In the achievements at the same time, also exposed some problems. Since 2015, China's science and technology industry has repeatedly encountered a large group of foreign publishing group focused on the withdrawal, resulting in extremely harsh social impact, the international reputation of our scientists have been a direct impact. The withdrawal of the incident reflects a small number of scientific and technological workers lack of awareness of self-discipline, the bottom line is not strong, in the face of fame and fortune mentality imbalance. In order to carry forward the scientific spirit and further strengthen the self-discipline of scientific and technological workers' moral behavior, the China Association for Science and Technology has formulated the Law of Self-regulation of Moral Behavior of Scientists and Workers (hereinafter referred to as "self-discipline"). "Self-discipline" has been the ninth session of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Association for consideration and approval, is issued to you, please follow the implementation.
The National Association for Science and Technology, the local Association for Science and Technology and the Association for Science and Technology, the Association for Science and Technology to organize scientific and technological workers in-depth study, extensive publicity, combined with the actual development and improvement of relevant provisions, strengthen self-discipline supervision, further reform and improve the scientific and technological evaluation system for scientific and technological innovation Entrepreneurship to provide good policies and environmental protection; to actively guide the promotion of colleges and universities, research institutes, hospitals and other institutions to establish academic ethics and other institutions, improve the integrity of scientific research system, increase academic misconduct investigation and handling efforts to ensure that "self- "Fall into reality. The majority of scientific and technological workers should be strict with self-discipline, adhere to the "consciously serve as the mission of science and technology serve the country, consciously fulfill the responsibility of innovation, consciously fulfill the interests of the people, and consciously abide by the scientific and moral norms," ​​the line, adhere to " Plagiarism research results, against the vulgarized academic evaluation, "the bottom line, shoulders the drive to promote innovation and development, building the world's scientific and technological power of the historical task, to practice the socialist core values ​​of the model, carry forward the Chinese nation Rhithers. rounds.ithers. Rhithers. Rhitherrigma
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