Prof. Qin Chuan, vice chairman of the Chinese Society of Experimental Animals an

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At the invitation of the Organizing Committee of the 5th Asian Society of Experimental Animal Societies, Professor Qin Chuan, the vice chairman of the Chinese Society for Experimental Animal Society and the Chinese Communist Party, was invited to strengthen China's experimental animal science and the exchange and cooperation between Asian countries and regions. (CALAS) delegation participated in the 5th Asian Society of Experimental Animal Societies organized by the International Trade and Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand, from 9 to 13 October 2012. Members of the delegation of 25 from different parts of the country 11 units, with a wide range of representative, is the largest international delegation to participate in this session, by the organizers of the meeting and the International Laboratory Animal Science Council (ICLAS) Chairman of the appreciation, they Expressed gratitude for the warm support from China.
The theme of the AFLAS conference is "A Healthier Future through Laboratory Animal Research". The conference is divided into a main venue, 10 sub-venues and the presentation part of the paper, in addition to experimental animal-related products, animal experiments related technology, research software hardware system display, and the latest relevant books show. The meeting will be conducted on a variety of topics, such as GLP requirements and practice; AAALAC training; experimental animal welfare requirements; stem cell animal experiments and clinical application prospects; organ transplantation immunization Basic and practical application research; B virus status and countermeasures. China Experimental Animal Society delegation members also made lectures and board newspaper exchanges. Members visited a number of experimental animal experiments, applications, developed new results and new technologies, and conducted demand-oriented communication in the experimental animal-related product display area.
During the conference, Professor Qin Chuan was invited to attend the AFLAS Council and Member States. AFLAS Council adopted the 2011 AFLAS Council Minutes, Budget Reports; Absorb the Indonesian Experimental Animal Society to become a new member; identified the 7th AFLAS Conference in 2016 by Singapore (India lost); discussed the AFLAS held in informal form ; Elected the next director and executive board members; support Mongolia and Vietnam to establish their own experimental animal society and so on.
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