Experimental animal science lectures - and 2012 China Experimental Animal Societ

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September 27, 2012, in line with the "energy conservation resources, protect the ecological environment, to ensure safety and health, and promote innovation and creation" as the theme of the national science day activities, the Chinese Society of Experimental Animals in the 10th China Experimental Animal Science Conference (2012 Yangzhou) held a "experimental animal science hall". The event was attended by lectures by three science ambassadors and one invited aquatic experimental animal experts, which attracted the selection of 85 students from Yangzhou University, nearly 50 delegates and business representatives. After the lecture, College students visited the annual meeting of experimental animals and related equipment exhibition.
   In order to run the lecture hall activities, the preparatory period and the annual meeting held by Yangzhou University and lecturers were conducted to communicate, clear lectures to animal medicine and animal inspection professional college students, the meeting delegates free to participate; content Combined with the national science day theme, around the "aquatic organisms and public health" and "experimental animals" two topics of science, and invited students to preside over the seminar. In order to encourage the audience to actively think and ask questions, learn to specially prepare a speech prizes - annual conference proceedings.
The main report and the special report attract students, participants, and even experts to listen. Professor Yu Shuqin, director of the Institute of Aquatic Sciences, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, from aquatic organisms and nature, aquatic organisms and environmental health and human health, human and animal health, Aquatic experimental fish research and application, etc., will be related to knowledge, technology and scientific research of the significance of his right. A lively and interesting question and precious pictures attracted students bursts of exclaimed. Students are concerned about the biological safety of water pollution, whether the experimental fish have pain, transgenic fish, and transgenic grass applications. Dr. Tian Yu-guang, who won the title of ambassador to the Science of Science, was the first to fulfill his ambassador's duty in this event. He reported the "experimental animal - the cornerstone of life sciences" for the first time, and the variety of experimental animals Vision, experimental animals made a significant contribution to mankind is to marvel at the students. Another general ambassador to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Laboratory of Laboratory Medicine Professor Wei Qiang from the animal experimental safety operation point of view, engaged in animal experiments should have the qualifications, ability and professional conduct, universal animal experiments related to policies and regulations and laboratory safety know how. After each of the lectures arranged Q & A time, the students in the reporter's patient and meticulous explanation, the experimental animals have in-depth understanding, on a vivid experimental animal science education class.
After the lecture, the students also visited the annual exhibition of experimental animals and related products. Watched the ferret, experimental animal feed, zebrafish breeding and breeding equipment and experimental equipment 38 booth, in kind to the students of new technology products have a more direct feeling.
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