China Experimental Animal Society

发布时间:2017-09-15 10:46:38
China Experimental Animal Society is a community organization, providing services is one of our main work, not only for members, but also for domestic and foreign counterparts or interested parties. The main contents of this column include supply and demand information, experimental animal organization directory and introduction, science and technology consulting, experimental animal strains, job search and the main experimental animal organizations, organizational links and so on.
     And actively carry out the experimental animal welfare protection legislation related to the collection and investigation of information. "Eleventh Five-Year" experimental animal science and technology planning and construction solicitation, as well as China's experimental animal resource survey work for the country to develop relevant policies to provide a scientific basis. In recent years, learn to promote the process of industrialization of experimental animals, advocate with the world rules, in line with China's national conditions of animal welfare protection and so play a positive role.
Has undertaken the "experimental animal national standard revision", "" experimental animal management regulations "and" China experimental animal information data network "and other research work.
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