"Beijing experimental animal practitioners induction card" advisory services

发布时间:2017-08-09 10:48:00
According to the national and Beijing municipal animal management system requirements, engaged in experimental animals and animal experiments of all types of personnel must be holders of posts.
China Experimental Animal Society held a long "experimental animal practitioners post certificate training course." Those engaged in experimental animal research related fields, did not get "Beijing experimental animal practitioners induction card" experimental animal technology, management, breeding, animal experiment practitioners can participate in training. Training courses by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing Union Medical College Experimental Animal Research Professor lectures. After passing the examinations, the Beijing Municipal Laboratory Animal Management Office issued the induction certificate. Full year can be enrolled, each 50 people, reported full to start classes.
Teaching is generally 3 days (including the examination time), after passing the examination, 15 working days or so issued.
Tel: 010-67781534
E-mail: hongjing110108@yahoo.cn
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