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Recently, we have developed a prodrug of NBP: 2-(α-hydroxy-pentyl)benzoic acid potassium (dl-PHPB), which showed new pharmacological properties: 1) specifically blocking P2Y1 receptors on platelets, inhibiting platelet aggregation and reducing thrombosis formation; 2) potently blocking two pore domain potassium channel TREK-1 (a new target for brain protection); 3) inhibiting phosphorylation of Tau protein and improving learning and memory, and showing significant antidepressant and anti-Alzheimer's disease effects. The Phase I clinical trials of DL-PHPB tablet and freeze-dried powder (for injection) have been completed and DL-PHPB showed a good safety; its oral bioavailability was 3 times higher than dl-NBP. The Phase II and III clinical trials of PHPB have been approved in December 2015 and are progressing well. The drug candidate was supported by National Major Special Project on New Drug Innovation during China's 12th and 13th Five-Year Plan. DL-NBP obtained three Chinese patents and DL-PHPB acquired patents from 12 countries including China, USA and European Union, etc.
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