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"Experimental animal quality control" (upper and lower volumes)
Author: Fang Xiye
【Press】 China Standard Press
【Publication Date】 April 2008
【Open】 16 open
【Edition】 1-1
【brief introduction】
This book introduces the latest research progress of experimental animal management regulations, quality standards, germplasm resources, experimental technology and related fields in a comprehensive and systematic way based on experimental animal quality standards and experimental animal resources.
This book is divided into four chapters 45 chapters. The first chapter is a barrier, including domestic and international experimental animal management regulations, organization, scientific information and talent management, etc., in detail the experimental animal management framework, regulations and standards system. The second chapter has 16 chapters, detailed description and evaluation of the quality of laboratory animals, national standards, quality control points and related detection technology, animal biosafety laboratory also introduced. The third chapter has 9 chapters, systematically discusses the experimental animal germplasm resources and characteristics, resource preservation technology, resource standards and resource biological characteristics of the database. The fourth chapter is a chapter 15, which introduces the new research progress of experimental animals and related fields, including animal, transgenic animal, human disease animal model, somatic cell nuclear transfer technology, embryo engineering technology, GLP requirements for experimental animals, aerospace The application of experimental animals in medicine, experimental animal welfare and animal experiment alternative methods.
The chapters of the book and the articles are independent and closely related to each other, to a certain extent, reflects the latest developments in experimental animal science in recent years and the latest research results. This book combines the author's experience of many years of work experience, rich in content, comprehensive system, informative, theory and practice of organic combination, readable. For the field of life science researchers, college teachers and students reference, but also for other areas of life science experts and
technical staff reference.
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