Party style and clean government construction

发布时间:2017-09-15 11:20:00
This award China Experimental Animal Society can recommend a medal candidate 1, a prize candidate, medal candidate group 1. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
First, the award name, category and quota
The title of the award is "National Innovation Award", respectively, the establishment of the national innovation first medal, the national innovation first prize, the national innovation first medal, in recognition of incentives to actively participate in innovation and first action in the construction of innovative countries and the world's great technological achievements made outstanding achievements Of science and technology workers and collectives. Among them, "collective" refers to the team composed of scientific and technological workers.
The National Innovation Award for the first prize of 30; National Innovation Award for the first prize of 300 places (including 30 medals); national innovation to mediate the first 10 places.
Second, the selection criteria
1. Support the party's line, principles, policies, love the motherland, abide by the law, with good style of study and scientific morality, in the ideological and political, clean government, moral character does not exist violations of discipline or adverse social impact behavior.
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