How to attend the annual meeting

发布时间:2017-09-08 16:40:00
Honorable members
(A) the conditions of admission: domestic and foreign famous experimental animal scientists, the development of experimental animal science in China has an important contribution to the enthusiastic support of the workers; domestic and foreign non-experimental animal academics experts and celebrities, support this work, And to promote China's friendly relations with other countries (regions) to make important contributions; members of this Council, with more than 25 years membership, enthusiastic to learn the work and has been retired.
(2) Membership rights
1. Free participation in the international and domestic academic activities held by the Association in China;
2. Free access to the journal and academic materials published by this Council.
(3) Membership obligations
1. Suggestions for the development of experimental zoology;
2. Participate in the industry strategic planning and other major decision-making argument, consulting and other activities;
3. To assist the Council in carrying out international exchanges and cooperation.
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