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发布时间:2017-09-12 16:40:34
First, senior members:
(A) membership conditions: with senior professional titles above the senior members.
(Ii) Membership rights:
 1. The right to vote, to be elected and to vote;
 2. To participate in the activities of this Council, access to this publication and academic information of the priority;
 3. The meeting fee of the event and the publication of the articles in this Council will be the preferential treatment fee;
 4. may participate in the selection of the various incentives (grants) recommended by this Council or this Council;
 5. Suggestions, criticism and supervision of the work of this Council;
 6. voluntary membership, free retirement.
 7. Can participate in the Council members, professional committee members, editorial board editorial selection;
 8. Priority should be given to participate in the activities such as review, demonstration, investigation, inspection and other activities recommended by this Council or this Council;
 9. Prioritize as an expert of this Council to participate in international academic activities or to hold international academic organizations or positions.
(3) Membership obligations:
 1. To assist the Association in carrying out various activities;
 2. To participate in the organization of public welfare activities;
 3. Make recommendations for the conduct of various activities and public services;
 4. To reflect the dynamic information of the subject, to provide information.
 5. On time to pay membership fee 150 yuan / year
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